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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent

The pandemic saw a startling trend titled “The Great Resignation” where companies saw a high number of employees leaving their jobs voluntarily. The trend hasn’t slowed into 2022 with a record of Read More

Broker Insights: Mid-Year 2022

I am very pleased to present to our investors the latest commercial real estate market intelligence from three of our leasing brokers. I hope that you find this timely and insightful. The information below has been prepared exclusively for the Kenwood investor community and provides more ...

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Available Technology in Making Better Real Estate Decisions

A 35-year-old man with 10 years of commercial real estate experience was sitting in an advanced financial modeling class while working on his Master of Real Estate degree at Johns Hopkins University. He had just listened to the professor explain how real estate models and valuations worked, what ...

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What You Need To Know About the Triple Net Lease

If you’re getting ready to move into a commercial property, you’re probably doing a lot of research to find out what is right for your business. One of the primary factors to consider when searching for a space is the lease agreement type. The two most common lease types are the gross lease and ...

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Kenwood’s 25th Anniversary Retrospective

When Bruce Springsteen was asked about the meaning behind his hit song “Thunder Road,” he described it as an invitation—an invitation to his audience to join him on a journey. Where that journey would lead was undetermined. We now know it led to 20 Grammy awards, two Golden Globes, and induction ...

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How Small Business Owners Can Maintain Work-Life Balance

For many business owners, work-life balance is practically non-existent. After all, you turned your passion into a business, which is no simple task. But when your work and personal life blend too much, something important is bound to take a back seat, whether it’s spending quality time with ...

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When Investments Don’t Work Out as Planned

What would you do if you made an investment that lost $11,000,000,000? Yes—not a typo. BILLION. Or how would you respond after pursuing a new tenant only to learn they decided to lease from your competitor? Or how would you determine why your offer to purchase an investment property wasn’t ...

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The Importance of a Property Manager in Commercial Real Estate

You are leasing space in a commercial building alongside various other businesses. The property is beautifully maintained. The exterior is clean. The landscaping is neat. The building is filled with businesses that get along. Any broken fixtures are repaired quickly. All of this is thanks to the ...

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Recognizing Investment Pitfalls

Warren Buffett refers to these five words as the most dangerous for any entrepreneur or investor. Yet investors continue to ignore market fundamentals, deny their own logic, reluctantly investigate contrary ideas, focus on what others are investing in, and only listen to perspectives that ...

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The biggest customer experience challenges businesses face

Think back to experiences you’ve had as a customer. How did that experience make you feel? There’s something to learn from both the positive and negative ones when trying to craft and improve your own customer experience (CX) for your business. Let’s walk through what CX is and the challenges ...

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