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The Future of Office Work Environments in a Post-Coronavirus World

“Marty, we’re going back to the future.” I don’t think that when Doc Brown made that memorable and iconic statement in the 1985 movie Back to the Future, the writers could have predicted the coronavirus pandemic 35 years hence. Those words will define some aspects ...

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Coronavirus and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate Investments

Uncertainty in the economy reminds all investors of the importance of diversifying their investment portfolio. It also represents a time to remember that the landlord-tenant relationship isn’t one-sided. It is a dynamic one where both parties need to work together ...

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The Tenant Improvement Process — From Design to Substantial Completion

When the day finally arrives and you are ready to sign a lease agreement with your landlord, you feel excited to begin a new chapter for your business. Negotiations went well, you are comfortable with the lease terms, and you are ready to celebrate in your new ...

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COVID-19 Federal, State, & Local Resources

Kenwood's main priority during this unique and challenging time is to support our tenants, local businesses, and the community. We understand the difficult nature of today's economical climate. To help your organization find solutions, our team compiled a list of ...

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Why Is Reviewing A Prospective Tenant's Financials Necessary?

Prospective Tenants often question the reason that a Landlord wants to review their financial situation when they are considering leasing space. Prospective Tenants sometimes feel offended and don’t fully understand the connection ...

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What's the Purpose of a Leasing Letter of Intent?

When prospective commercial Tenants are looking to lease space, there are many questions to answer and unknowns to contemplate. How much space is needed? How many offices, workstations, and conference rooms are desirable? What is the monthly rent?  When will ...

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Office Transition Made Easier: Tips for Navigating Your Office Upgrade

As a business owner, you know when you’ve outgrown your current office space. You have employees tripled up in a single office, interns working in the hallway, and an outdated color scheme or layout that is ...

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How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made When Signing a Commercial Lease

For any first-time small business owner, signing a commercial lease is a crucial decision that deserves a considerable amount of careful thought, in-depth research, and advice from someone — such as a lawyer — that understands the ins and outs of commercial ...

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Understanding the Tenant Improvement Construction Process

Tenant and property owner relations can be a bit tricky at times. There are so many aspects of a lease for both parties to acknowledge and Read More

How To Negotiate A Commercial Lease

Your business is growing. That tentative, short-term lease you signed might have been ideal when you were trying to get your business off the ground, but now it’s time to look at a commercial property that further meets your needs as your business blooms.


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