Kenwood Tenant Management

We actively manage our properties with a particular focus on the details. From meeting regularly with tenants to ensure satisfaction to qualifying the right contractor for a project to reviewing line-item variances, we believe that a well-managed property creates the best value. As a testament to that focus, our properties have produced higher occupancy levels than their competition, and our tenant retention rate is over 95%. Kenwood’s philosophy is to manage our properties so that they are recognized leaders within their marketplace, strengthening the overall success of your business.

And although Kenwood operates as a full-service management company, our team only provides those services to Kenwood-owned properties. We do not offer our management services as a third-party vendor to other owners, which means we are dedicated to the needs of our tenants and ensuring their business continues to operate as smoothly as possible.

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Tenant Services

Kenwood's Principals are responsible for each property's overall performance, and we are committed to providing cost-effective management solutions for any issues that may arise. Our rapid-response engineering team is van-equipped to be on-site quickly to provide personalized, professional building service to our tenants.

Technology is also an integral part of our property management strategy. We utilize MicroMain® preventive maintenance software to track maintenance and repair records of each piece of equipment, and Basys® energy management software to track HVAC operation and efficiency to minimize energy consumption. And many of our properties are equipped with internet-enabled cameras, which not only assists with security, but provides better monitoring of contractors from any location.

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