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Published 2020. Updated October 12, 2023. 

If you've read much on our website or blog or talked to any of our team members, you've probably seen the term "Kenwood Community," but what do we mean by that?

Our approach to owning and managing multi-tenant properties is a little different than you might find with other landlords or building owners. So, what is our philosophy, and why do we choose to build and support a "community" rather than simply focus on the transactional aspect of working with tenants and properties?

Today, we're excited to share a little about our Kenwood Community and why it sets us apart from other commercial building owners and managers. When choosing a space for your business, it's also crucial to choose a management team or landlord committed to your success as a business owner.

It's Our Philosophy for Success

The Kenwood Community philosophy is based on the fundamental concept that by expanding the landlord-tenant relationship beyond its typically known role (i.e., the landlord provides space and the tenant pays rent), we can enhance our tenant's businesses as well as the neighborhoods and communities around our properties.

This endeavor is aspirational, operational, and practical.

  • By defining it, we understand our goals, responsibilities, and purpose.

  • By living it, we make a difference, see the benefits of those efforts in the growth and longevity of our tenant's businesses, and witness improvements to our local communities.

To us, our community means much more than a transaction: it's our way of life to help tenants and investors succeed.

A group of hands together represents the Kenwood Community and our philosophy.

How We Support Our Community

What are the practical ways we build and support a community for success? We take each of the following aspects of our Kenwood Management Community seriously.

We Go Beyond Just Providing Space

"Providing space" and "collecting rent" is a transactional relationship. We could do "only" that, but instead, we work collaboratively to help our tenants succeed.

Our goal is to build loyalty to our brand and create long-term relationships with tenants who thrive in our buildings.

Approach the Landlord-Tenant Relationship as a Long-Term One

Our tenants hear from us on a regular basis, not just when the lease is about to expire. It's a relationship built on the belief that we want every tenant to renew their lease — over and over again.

Since we typically own our buildings for over 20 years, we want tenants to renew multiple times. We do everything possible to promote long-term relationships and renewals.

Communicate Regularly

One of the ways we expand the relationship with each tenant is by communicating regularly, generating timely responses, being fair, showing appreciation, introducing new business opportunities, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and providing opportunities to enhance their business.

We do this through:

  • Offering "Lunch and Learn" events exclusively to our tenants in which we bring various business experts to discuss relevant and timely business trends.

  • Getting to know each tenant personally and understanding their business goals and how the space they lease from us can help them succeed.

  • Being available to answer questions 24/7, either through our service request system (Building Engines) or via cell phone to a principal at Kenwood.

  • Providing services beyond the lease agreement or specifically not a Landlord's responsibility, such as expanded engineering, HVAC, or locksmith services.

When you choose a commercial space to rent in one of our buildings, you also select a partner rooting for and supporting your success!

Supporting the Community At Large

We know your business relationships are crucial for your success, so our "community" often extends into the community at large!

We often reach out and support local retailers and businesses that support our tenants. This helps us build a stronger network of resources we use from time to time and also helps us support a network that supports our tenants! If we can connect tenants to other retailers or vendors connected to businesses in our community, we help more companies succeed.

We also support local charities that assist those in our communities who are less fortunate through donations or volunteer services. Giving back is an important part of what we do.

Our Go-Giver Mentality

If you haven't read Bob Burg's book The Go-Giver, we highly recommend it! Our drive to help tenants succeed is best represented by the idea of a "go-giver" – someone who achieves success by helping others succeed first.

The idea of our Kenwood Community and how we approach each tenant, space, and lease in our buildings come from our desire to ensure their success. When you choose Kenwood Management and one of our properties, you have us in your corner to help your business thrive!

Learn More About Kenwood Management and Our Community for Success

If you are interested in becoming a tenant and experiencing what it's like to belong to the Kenwood Community, we'd love to chat with you! We're here to not only help you find the ideal space for your business but also to help you succeed in that space long-term. Reach out through the button below!