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Tenant Services

Kenwood places a major emphasis on lease administration to ensure accurate tenant billings — everytime. To do this, we utilize the latest software to integrate our accounting and lease administration functions into one seamless unit. This integration creates a central control point for functions such as accounting, estimating, procurement, reporting, and more:

  • Leases are abstracted
  • Options are tracked
  • Special requirements are noted
  • Operating expenses, annual reconciliations, and CPI increases are calculated expeditiously and accurately

These functions provide for more efficient management and better information to assist tenants. And although Kenwood operates as a full-service management company, our team only provides those services to Kenwood-owned properties. This means we are focused on the needs of our tenants and ensuring that their business operates as smoothly as possible.

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The Mission of Kenwood Management Company is to build client wealth through seeking value oriented income properties in the Washington Metropolital Area and to provide proactive asset management strategies that integrate property management, focused leasing and tennant retention efforts for those investments.

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