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Asset Management

Kenwood's asset management services are focused on strengthening our clients' investment strategy to achieve the highest possible returns. This process begins with our careful canvassing, screening, and understanding of a market.

Property Management

Our belief is that a well-managed property creates value for all. To create this value, we actively manage our properties by focusing on the details. As a testament to that focus, our properties have produced higher occupancy levels than their competition, and our tenant retention rate is more than 95%.

Although Kenwood operates as a full-service management company, we do not offer these services as a third-party vendor to other owners. This way, we are fully committed to our investors and tenants. We are also committed to producing cost-effective management solutions for any issues that may arise, which Kenwood's principals are responsible for.

Construction Management

Kenwood offers construction management services for common-area and tenant-improvement projects. Our principals' collective experience includes lobby renovations, cooling tower replacement, elevator modernization, garage rehabilitation, roof replacement, tenant-improvement construction, as well as disaster/casualty restoration. Both our investors and tenants benefit from the Kenwood owner/property manager relationship.

By performing construction management services for its owned properties, Kenwood is better positioned to make timely decisions in order to complete a project on or ahead of schedule and within budget. Since we understand the property better than a third-party construction manager, Kenwood's focus is to create value as opposed to merely completing a project. This enables Kenwood to meet the needs of tenants in a more timely manner, while also capturing higher returns for our investors.

Lease Administration/Accounting

These functions allow for more efficient management and better information to assist tenants. As a courtesy, each tenant is provided a detailed monthly rent invoice. Tenant billings accounts receivable and income and expense statements are available in real-time to managers and accounting staff.

Our systems also track all tenant options to avoid any overlapping rights. We use Timberline® as a forecasting tool to analyze the impact on a tenant's pass-throughs when various projects are evaluated. This better assists us in understanding a proposed improvement's cost implication to the property and its associated benefit to the overall investment.

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The Mission of Kenwood Management Company is to build client wealth through seeking value oriented income properties in the Washington Metropolital Area and to provide proactive asset management strategies that integrate property management, focused leasing and tennant retention efforts for those investments.

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