Maximize your Energy Efficiency 

Several aspects of managing a small business—growth plans, OKRs, cash flow—can yield juicy results. Still, considering ways to lower costs of operation and maintenance is another vital boost you can give your business.  

As commercial real estate tenants look for ways to manage their monthly budgets, the winter season can be particularly challenging with the increase in energy bills. That's why, at Kenwood Management Company, we are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of our tenants and aim to help you reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency in your commercial tenant construction space.

This article will explore tips and strategies for reducing energy consumption and costs and improving energy efficiency in your leased commercial space.

Implement Energy-Efficient Technologies

One of the most effective ways to save on energy costs is by implementing energy-efficient technologies. Energy-efficient lighting, smart appliances, and low-flow plumbing fixtures can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. 

These technologies can pay for themselves in a short amount of time through the energy savings they provide. To learn more about energy-efficient technologies and how to use them effectively, follow the tips below and check out this website from The Constructor for additional education and resources.

Upgrade Lighting and HVAC Systems

Outdated lighting and HVAC systems can also be noteworthy energy wasters, so upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting and HVAC systems can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. 

Additionally, consider using programmable thermostats to adjust the temperature based on occupancy to further enhance energy efficiency. Most utility companies in the Washington and Baltimore areas offer significant rebates to customers who replace older fluorescent lights and fixtures with LED.

Proper HVAC Maintenance

Has an HVAC technician performed maintenance on your warehouse rooftop unit and unit heaters? Changing filters and cleaning coils are two fundamental procedures to keep your equipment operating efficiently and extending its useful life. Also, consider that an HVAC system needs service once a year to guarantee its proper functioning. To guarantee the proper functioning of your systems, ask a technician if he considers it necessary to make any tenant improvement projects.  However, before any construction modifications, you must learn about the tenant improvement construction process and how to make it a part of your lease negotiation.

Seal Leaks and Insulate

Air leaks are a significant cause of energy waste in commercial buildings, and they occur most frequently in the building envelope—around windows and doors. Identifying and sealing these leaks and adequately insulating the building is crucial to reducing energy costs. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Seal Leaks Around Windows and Doors

One of the most common sources of leaks is around windows and doors, so you must inspect these areas for gaps and cracks and seal them with caulk or weather stripping to reduce drafts and improve insulation.

Seal Around Plumbing Entering the Building

Another source of leaks can be around pipes and ducts that enter the building. To reduce energy waste, inspect these areas and seal gaps or cracks with caulk or insulation.

Insulate Encourage Energy-Efficient Behavior 

Encouraging energy-efficient behavior among your staff is another essential aspect of reducing energy costs. Educating your staff on energy-efficient practices can significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. Some examples include:

Turning off Lights and Appliances 

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is to turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use. Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, installing motion sensors, turning off computers and monitors at the end of the day, and unplugging chargers and other devices when they are not in use are all considered office etiquette.

Using Natural Light 

If your commercial real estate space has abundant natural light, use this resource to reduce energy consumption. Encourage your staff to use natural light whenever possible by placing desks near windows and skylights and keeping blinds open during the day. Not only does natural light saves energy, but it also creates a more pleasant and productive working environment. 

Additionally, encouraging the use of natural light can help improve employee morale. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can positively impact mood and well-being. Remember that sometimes the best solutions are in the simplest places.

Insulate Kenwood Management Company is committed to helping tenants reduce their energy costs.

Reducing energy consumption and costs in multi-tenant commercial real estate spaces can be achieved through energy-efficient technologies, sealing leaks and insulating, upgrading lighting and HVAC systems, and encouraging energy-efficient behavior. 

At Kenwood Management Company, we are committed to the satisfaction and well-being of our tenants and provide practical and effective solutions for reducing energy costs and conserving resources. 

 Working together can create a more comfortable, productive, and sustainable environment. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our energy-saving solutions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help.

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