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Kenwood Management Company, LLC was founded in early 1997 by Hank Bowis and Phil Ackley as a vehicle to attract private equity from long-term investors and to provide superior property management services to business owners throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

The Kenwood Team
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Kenwood's founding concept — which remains true today — is to provide our investors, both large and small, the opportunity to participate in quality acquisitions of income-producing properties and to receive above-market returns.

Kenwood's philosophy is to minimize organizational or syndication fees and to focus on success-based compensation. Therefore, most of our investors' capital is attributed to real estate. Investors are paid a preferential cumulative return from cash flow before Kenwood participates.

The mission of Kenwood Management Company is to build client wealth through seeking value oriented income properties in the Washington Metropolitan Area and to provide proactive asset management strategies that integrate property management, focused leasing, and tenant retention efforts for those investments.

We believe that an asset's overall success is directly tied to effective and efficient management services. As a commercial real estate owner and manager, we operate our portfolio with a focused perspective on both our investors and tenants. By dedicating our services to ensure tenant satisfaction, we can further support the success of their business and in turn generate higher revenues and better returns for our investors through tenant retention.

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